Coming unstuck

Something about NaNoWriMo- it’s both harder and more enjoyable than I imagined at the start.

Seriously, guys, this month is going to be tough. To juggle assignments with reaching the daily wordcount, while stopping the plot from wandering back into the woods, is a positively Herculean task.  One I don’t always think I’m succeeding at, particularly the plot part. There are so many unresolved aspects of it I don’t even know where to start, and I kind of hate my own story by now.

But I keep going. Not just because I’ve told people I would. It’s because I realize – every day, so far- how much I love writing this. I love my characters, who keep surprising me. I even love some of the lines I come up with.

Normally, I think I would’ve given up by now, and –shocker- I’ve realized that’s the very problem with my writing anything longer than a short story; it just never makes it to the finish line. Because there’s always a reason to hate it.

So, for my blog this month I’m doing something a little different. I’ll be back every few days to share something about my writing process: unload all my struggles and hopefully a small victory or two. I’ll share tips to make things easier on my fellow NaNo-ers this month, I’ll even share some of my favourite lines (among the dozens of nonsensical ones) ,and I warmly invite you all to do the same.

Favourite lines I wrote (from 2nd November):

She got the impression he had woken up that day to find the world subtly but irrevocably changed, and couldn’t find the words to explain to anyone why the shift had unsettled him. It hurt, like it often did to think of how things had been better when they were all still living together as a family.

How are you surviving November?


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