Friday Fictioneers – White Nights

Another contribution to Friday Fictioneers – the goal is to write a story of a 100 words or less to a picture prompt. Thanks for reading! 


copyright to Lora Mitchell

copyright to Lora Mitchell

‘It’ was always waiting for her on the windowsill when Claire came home to the apartment at night. The monstrous plant had been a parting gift from her ex, Jack, after she’d taken on a new job in a city 500 miles from their home.

The large trumpet-shaped bulbs at the end of its stalks were starting to open, revealing the softest white petals; the colour of a wedding dress. Tears came to Claire’s eyes.  She leaned in to smell the flower, inhaling deeply. A scent like a decaying animal wafted up from its yellow heart and filled the room.

words: 100
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23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – White Nights

  1. Some people do hate the smell of lilies – doesn’t bother me. But I expect he knew she didn’t like them… how subtle. 🙂 Nicely done.

  2. Oh girl. just chuck it in the bin why don’t ya! I agree on the smell, it is horrid. I hope the job she got is worth a million Jacks 😉

  3. Dear Ellyn,
    I’m not fond of lilies or their scent either. Perhaps it’s time for her to take those flowers and shoot them out the window. Nice story…well nice writing…sad story.

  4. ellynvv says:

    Well, the first time we had lilies at home some time ago, I thought they looked fantastic until I started picking up this nasty scent everywhere. They are the most disappointing of flowers 🙂

  5. ellynvv says:

    I was trying for the impression that it hadn’t been that long and part of her was still hoping to continue the relationship, but I didn’t quite manage to fit that all into the word limit haha. Thank you!

  6. kdillmanjones says:

    On the first read, I thought it said “the color of wedding tears” and thought that was so poetic! But I love it as is too. Nice writing.

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