David Bowie goes to a Shop and George Osborne takes a Train

Emotions were on a particularly high pitch here in Britain this weekend, after it had turned out that David Bowie had been seen on the streets of New York to pick up a takeaway lunch.

Apparently he does not do this much, so it was news- or maybe he doesn’t do it much because he knows it will be news- but both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail leaped on the chance to report that the singer was wearing a grey sweater and jeans. They lamented the perfectly ordinary appearance of Bowie, who effectively blended into the crowd, by dramatically pointing out that the “only hint of his once legendary dress sense” was a zebra print scarf tucked into the collar of his jumper.

Meanwhile, the media descended upon Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who took a train on Friday, with righteous anger. The man had gotten himself into some confusion about whether or not he had paid for the right to sit in the First Class section rather than the Standard Section, which was a little too busy on a Friday for the Chancellor’s taste.

The Guardian saw a front cover story in this and gleefully accused Osborne of “Great Train Snobbery”, while the Daily Mail reported on “the drama” as it unfolded, noting that Mr. Osborne appeared “surprised” when he spotted the group of journalists waiting for him as the train pulled into the station.

My advice to Mr. Osborne is to wear a dainty zebra pattern scarf instead of a tie the next time he takes a train- Bowie knows it distracts them.


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