5 Things Your Kindle Can’t Do (and paper can)

Personally, I love my kindle, it’s one of the best things I ever bought. Regardless, I’m still pretty attached to the paper and ink books.. So for those who haven’t made up their minds yet, here are 5 Essential but Overlooked Things your Kindle Doesn’t Do.

1.  Having a digital library of books makes it very hard to use your library to show off how erudite and intelligent you are at dinner parties, for instance by casually leaving a well-used copy of War & Peace out on the table for your friends to go “Oh, who’s reading Tolstoy..- wait, you speak Russian?!”

2. For those of you who like to check out what everyone else is reading on their morning commute to work, good luck peering over a stranger’s shoulder to see what the title is in the top corner of their Kindle without looking like a Creep.

3. Protesting against books you don’t like the content of for political or religious reasons will be a good deal harder in the future. Think about it- organising a “delete Salman Rushdie from your kindle” event is just not going to pack the same emotional punch as a mass book burning and bon fire for the community at large to enjoy.

4.  You cannot hollow out the pages of a Kindle to hide your valuables, like jewellery or money.
Kindles also do not provide your bored kids with the materials for an arts & crafts project on a rainy afternoon

5. The Kindle, unlike a traditional newspaper, cannot be rolled up and be used as a weapon to squash that pesky mosquito keeping you up at night. Granted, it may kill the mosquito, but chances are the kindle will break when you smash it into the wall.

Kindles are also not appropriate for use as cat litter.


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