Help, I’m Blog Shy

Blog shyness –a fear of the people around you finding out that you are one of those people who blog.One of those people who apparently feel the need  to express their every thought and feeling in print. Worse, you fear they’ll be unimpressed with these thoughts, so you resort to going to ridiculous lengths to not mention said blog.

I have a serious case of blog shyness. The symptoms are jittery movements when someone’s around my laptop, quick logging-out manoeuvres and flinching when someone else says the word I can’t get over my own lips :  “Oh yes, I have a blog too. Indeed. It’s very interesting. Fancy a read?”

Of course, blog shyness can be problematic. I wondered if I was taking it a bit too far when I realised it’s been a month and I still haven’t told my own boyfriend. When the subject finally does come up and I do tell him, he looks surprised at first and then just smiles.  He knows me too well.

“Did you think I’d say it was crap?”

It’s not quite that. When you’ve put time and effort into the process of writing your thoughts down, tapping away eagerly at your keyboard for hours to get it just right, it becomes surprisingly hard to share the fruits of your labour with the people who know you. Much easier to stick with the WordPress crowd, whose main interaction with me takes place by means of a button lighting up in the top right hand corner of the screen to inform me that my post has been liked. I won’t have to watch their faces as they read my latest rambling. I don’t see them frown as they stumble across a sentence I didn’t put together quite so well, trying to work out what on earth I meant.

I’m not entirely sure how to put that sentiment into words, so all I say is a rather meek “yeah.” It’s quiet for a moment.  “No,” he then says. The lights are out so I can’t see his face, but he sounds perplexed. “No, I don’t think you’re crap at all.”

I feel a little less blog shy as I roll over in bed and pull the covers over my face, mulling over the possibilities. Not crap. I could tell the rest of my friends. Put a link on Facebook.  I might even join Twitter. Tell the world.

Maybe next week.


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