Fashion! (beep-beep!)

The sun’s been shining for a week straight now and for some reason this brings out the more girly side of me, and lets me enjoy the fun of watching others parade their summer dresses across the park and spend minutes finding a new shade of lipstick to wear ( “Boreal Mauve” or “Gipsy Red”?)

 Fashion and style blogs are one of the more popular forms of blogs (along with photography and cooking), probably because of their abundance of pictures, lack of text and of course their help in providing good ideas for your own. I like them myself, but as I thinking something along these lines, it occurred to me that actually, I don’t really get fashion.

I mean, seriously, what’s the point of fashion? Just compare these two, a still from The Hunger Games movie (with its obvious social criticisms) and a picture from Dior’s Paris week collection (2008). To be honest, if one is supposed to be a progressive work of art and the other a ridiculous costume portraying decadence and vanity, I can’t really see the difference. Maybe I should just stick with books 🙂


(Left; The character Effie Trinket in the film The Hunger Games)

(Dior, 2008)


One thought on “Fashion! (beep-beep!)

  1. Gwen says:

    Ha ha, i see what you mean! Is that an ice bucket on her head? As for decadence and vanity, 2008 just before the world plunged into the financial crises. We were dancing on the rim of the volcano back then. . Fashion proves to be a spot on reflection. I wonder what Dior looks like now?

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